Pre-order the WHSmith Exclusive edition of Fairy Tale by Stephen King

Thursday August 18, 2022

The WHSmith Exclusive edition of Stephen King's upcoming launch 'Fairy Tale'
a unique purple cover and quote on the spine!

Showing the book and slipcase of the new Stephen King WHSmith exclusive edition.

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Saturday February 12, 2022 7:00 AM

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Showing Consider Phlebas, Day of Triffids and Golden Compass
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Introduction to Limited Editions Club

Wednesday September 1, 2021

Rare Collections Book Evenings


Our first Evening Talk will be an introduction to The Limited Editions Club.

 A group of Limited Edition Books lined up on a table in front of a white Library bookcase

The Limited Editions Club started in New York 1929 by a then 29-year-old George Macy. In total the LEC published 589 books in 58 series between 1929 – 2010, this excludes some of the special editions and publications that also happened from time to time. The concept was simple, they reissued many of the world’s greatest works in limited edition formats, initially limited to 1500 copies, which for a period in 70’s-80’s increased to 2000 and then decreased again between 1985...

The First Prospectus

Wednesday September 1, 2021
Before each series the Limited Editions Club released a prospectus with the books planned for that particular series. Naturally the first prospectus is likely the most important of all released, introducing not only the first 12 books but the Club and what it will stand for. These were very much marketing tools to generate excitement and importantly fill all 1500 available subscriber spots. Of course George Macy knew very well that the first publications will be absolutely crucial for the success of this new venture and he was determined to make sure that they stand up to his high standards

The Travels of Lemuel Gulliver by Jonathan Swift

Wednesday September 1, 2021
Gulliver was published in October 1929 and marked the first book of over 600 titles in the 80 years of LEC publications.


A lot of thought went into all aspects of LEC books, including the text used for their books. For Gulliver Macy decided to use the original text. He wanted to represent a book that was close to what Swift intended. It’s been adapted into many editions of children books, but at its heart it was an adult tale with a sometime darker side, and this is the version that was published.

Showing a brown slipcase with a light leather book spine showing

a brown slipcase with a book next to it. Light leather spine with light brown cloth boards

George Macy had no doubt that...

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Wednesday September 1, 2021
Leaves of Grass was issued in November 1929 as the 2nd book published by the Limited Editions Club.
The text used for this edition, was a reproduction of the first edition, issued in Brooklyn by Walter Whitman in 1855.
This is one of the few LEC books released without illustrations, but with a portrait of Walter Whitman and introduced by Carolyn Wells a well known collector and authority on Whitman.
The undressing of Leaves of grass. Photo one in cover and slipcase and then without.
George Macy’s thoughts on Leaves of Grass as published in Quarto-Millenary:
“I made two serious mistakes in the planning of this book. The first was that I prepared an inadequate...

The Travels of Baron Munchausen by Rudolph Erich Raspe

Wednesday September 1, 2021
Issued in December 1929, The Travels of Baron Munchausen by Rudolphe Erich Raspe (and others) was the third book published by The Limited Editions Club. The book is a collection of the tall stories of Baron Munchausen, which have grown over time, entertaining generations of Germans and Europeans.

Undressing of the book. The boards are yellow with bokeh effect coloured circles in green, purple and orange. The spine is green. The slipcase is black

Due to the nature of this book and the growth of the tall tales around the Baron, LEC specifically did not print the first text, but rather aimed to published the most complete edition of stories.
The stories of the Baron was first compiled into a volume by Rudolph E Rapse, Carl...